Who, What, Why And Where? - AL-Fa Perio

Who, What, Why and Where?

The Guide to Treating Periodontal Disease Okay, so you’ve assessed various online resources and cross-referenced it with your symptoms. You’re experiencing bleeding, tender or swollen gums as well as loose teeth and mouth pain. You suspect that you might be suffering from gum disease, or even from periodontitis. What now? Who should you go to…

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How Dental Implants Could Change Your Life - AL-Fa Perio

How dental implants could change your life

Whilst dental implants have been documented as far back as the 1960s, they have become the recommended solution for most tooth replacement cases over the years The BBC states that in the UK alone, 10,000 implant procedures are performed in the lower jaw each year… the majority in people over 65. More. Wearing dental implants…

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Why Do More People Choose Dental Implants - AL-Fa Perio

Why do more people choose dental implants?

What do Tom Cruise, Cheryl Cole, George Clooney, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones have in common? Yes, they are all celebrities, but there is something else. They all have terrific smiles. Would you be surprised to know that they all have dental implants too? We are living in an era where being the best version…

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Why Are My Gums - AL-Fa Perio

Why are my gums receding?

  Receding gums can lead to tooth decay, infection or tooth loss. This is because when gums recede, it draws back from your teeth and exposes the sensitive roots. There are several reasons why your gums might be receding. There are some things you can do to control it but other factors are out of…

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What Are Symptoms Of Gum Disease - AL-Fa Perio

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

It is important to recognise the symptoms of periodontitis (gum disease) early on to prevent serious damage to your teeth and gums. There are some clear signs that you may be developing gum disease or already have a form of gum disease. Blood: If you notice blood on your toothbrush or when you spit out the…

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Can You Fix Receeding Gums - AL-Fa Perio

Can you fix receding gums?

  It’s very difficult to fix receding gums once they’ve started receding Once gums have begun receding, it is very difficult to restore them to what they once were. No matter your oral health, gums do naturally recede over time so it is important to keep the rate of gum recession under control. There are…

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When Should I Visit A Periodontist - AL-Fa Perio

When should I visit a periodontist?

A periodontist can help with the prevention, discovery and treatment of various diseases A periodontist can help with the prevention, discovery and treatment of various diseases and infections which affect the teeth, gums and the jawbone as well as provide dental implants. The most basic issues with teeth and gums can be treated by simple…

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Gum Disease Cure

Can gum disease be cured?

Studies show that almost 50% of adults in the UK suffer from some form of gum disease.  Bleeding when brushing and flossing, red or swollen gums and an unpleasant taste in the mouth, among others, are all tell-tale symptoms of periodontal disease, and if you notice any of these red flags, you should book in…

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Non-Surgical Bone Regeneration - AL-Fa Perio

Non-Surgical Periodontal Bone Regeneration

Rana Al-Falaki, a specialist in periodontics looks at how laser treatment can provide an alternative to surgery, even for deep periodontal pockets. Non-surgical periodontal therapy is an incredibly effective way to manage Periodontitis. Generally, this consists of oral hygiene mantainance, supragingival scaling, root surface instrumentation and removal of any plaque retentive factors such as overhangs…

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The Best Periodontal Practice 2018 - AL-Fa Perio

The Best Periodontal Practice 2018 – UK

Al-Fa Perio Clinic is a private dental practice specialising in the management of gum diseases, gum reconstruction, cosmetic gum work, bone regeneration, and tooth replacement through dental implants using the latest laser technology. We profile the practice to gain a fascinating insight into the range of treatments it offers and how it works to ensure…

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The Challenges Of Managing Peri-implantitis - AL-Fa Perio

The challenges of managing peri-implantitis

PERI-IMPLANTITIS is a common issue faced in the field of dental implantology today. It is a challenging condition to predict, prevent and treat as it is still not completely understood, Dr Rana Al-Falaki is a Specialist Periodontist with a particular interest in the disease. An undergraduate and postgraduate clinical lecturer and consultant, Dr Al-Falaki is…

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The Different Lasers - AL-Fa Perio

The Different Lasers in Periodontics

There are many advantages of using lasers in periodontal therapy, but the key point is that these are adjuncts to conventional therapy and not a replacement. The first line of any periodontal therapy should include implementing a prescriptive oral hygiene protocol for the patient and carrying out supra-and subgingival debridement. The aim of treatment is…

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