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How important are your teeth?

Most of us would agree that they are an essential part of the human anatomy.

With over 22.0 million of us in England visiting the dentist last year, between 2018-19 and with 39.7million having courses of us treatments delivered, (according to NHS dental statistics) it is obvious that our teeth are worthy of special care.

But what happens when periodontal gum disease caused by harmful bacteria that cause them to fall out?

Let’s have a look at the risks of this and the all-important implant treatments we can offer you.

What is the risk of leaving a missing tooth untreated and why is immediate action important?

There are many reasons why teeth fall out.

The most common would be a build-up of plaque, caused by poor hygiene and excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks. So, when plaque, bacteria, food and saliva remain in the mouth your teeth begin to decay and eventually drop out. Leaving the tooth unreplaced causes even more complications.

Have a look at a few here:

  • Gum recession occurs when teeth are missing, causing the bone to be exposed to harmful bacteria.
  • Neighbouring teeth becoming misaligned, causing issues with biting and chewing.
  • A lack of a full set of teeth can cause the facial muscles to drop, causing your appearance to change.
  • If you have a visible missing tooth, the results will be a knock in confidence and this, in turn, could cause you not to venture out of your home. How terrible would that be?

Read here to see why immediate action is imperative.

Dental implants, the route to a confident smile - Al-Fa Perio Clinic

What are the advantages of dental implants?

When you think about replacing missing teeth, do you imagine embarrassing moments such as slipping dentures and the constant taking removal and replacement of them?

Well fast forward to 2019 and implants are the way forward at the Al-Fa Perio clinic. We offer cutting edge, quality solutions and aftercare that means your implants will give you peace of mind in the long run. More and more people are choosing dental implants because of the advantages it affords them:

  • They are a tried and tested treatment
  • They reduce the effects of ageing
  • They look like natural teeth
  • They do not affect social activities like talking, eating and smiling
  • They are easy to maintain with our after-care treatments

Why are our patients happy?

Our patients are happy they have contacted us because we have been able to tailor our treatment plan to suit their busy schedules. We have added quality to their lives and improved their dental health. We are just waiting for your call and will book you in for a consultation where a unique plan will be created to suit you. Is it a same-day procedure you are looking for? We can help.

Don’t allow a missing tooth to stop you from having a full life.

Contact us now, or visit our London or Essex practice and let us alleviate your concerns, by replacing your smile.