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Whilst dental implants have been documented as far back as the 1960s, they have become the recommended solution for most tooth replacement cases over the years

The BBC states that in the UK alone, 10,000 implant procedures are performed in the lower jaw each year… the majority in people over 65. More.

Wearing dental implants are not just a cosmetic solution; for many people, having the treatment has changed their lives.

I want to show you just how important restorative dental procedures are and the benefits that are to be permanently enjoyed once treatment has ended.  To do that, we are going to go backtrack a little, to fully embrace the benefits that lie ahead.

How dental implants could change your life - Al-Fa Perio Clinic

What are the disadvantages of not replacing a lost tooth?

  • Losing teeth and subsequently not replacing them cause changes to the facial structure and appearance. The skin sags when not supported by a full set of teeth, causing the face to appear older.
  • Our teeth were designed to support each other. It’s a bit like a house built with playing cards, remove one and the others cave in. Misalignment of teeth can cause embarrassment due to discolouration that arises when they become difficult to brush.
  • The action of chewing stimulates a healthy jaw bone, so when this no longer happens, the gums shrink and the damage caused by bacteria can be irreversible to the bone.

The advantages of having dental implants – New beginnings

Over the years, at Al-Fa Perio Clinic we have carefully honed in on dedicated research into the various treatments available as a solution for your individual needs.

You can be sure to have your confident smiles back in as little as one day. Imagine that!

All those chewing, talking or unsightly problems gone in hours. This treatment is truly life-changing because it promotes confidence in oneself. Our customers have boasted of having a fuller and more confident life post-treatment.

Notice how one lady from across the pond describes how dental implant treatment has changed her life.

The cost of a confident and healthy life?

The cost of having dental implant treatment, whilst initially more expensive than traditional dentures, will save money in the long run. Our patients appreciate the fact that our dental implants can last a lifetime when looked after. Our post-treatment care plan underlines our passion to put quality back into your life and is formulated around your own teeth and gums. From the moment you come in, it will be all about meeting your needs.

Join the multitude of happy customers that are all celebrating the revival of their youthful smiles. Al-Fa Perio’s patients have a lot to smile about.

Where can you find us?

Visit us at one of our clinics in either London or Essex. Just give us a call 020 8506 0701 or contact us and we will guide you step by step. You are in control of your future and with our help, it will be a bright one.