Dental Implants Essex

Al-FaPerio offers leading dental implants in Essex that are ideal for the replacement of missing teeth. Our dental implant treatment plans are designed uniquely for you through extensive planning.

The assessment and diagnosis of your mouth enables us to create the perfect dental implant treatment for your new, confident smile.

Natural and Long-Lasting Dental Implants in Essex

This popular treatment is used to restore spaces left by missing teeth in the mouth. Although there are a great many types of dental implant systems now available, they are all essentially similar in their purpose – differing only in their applicability.

Essex Dental Implants are composed of titanium rods that are surgically placed in the bone of the jaw to replace a lost tooth. These implants can either be placed in a jaw where the tooth has been lost for some time, several months after a tooth has been extracted, or immediately following a tooth extraction.

Dental implants can be used to support and stabilise:

  • A Crown: This is often made of porcelain and is the part that looks like a tooth and is attached to the implant in the jaw. This is a great solution for missing single teeth.
  • A Bridge: This is like having fixed teeth whereby two or more implants hold several teeth in between.
  • A Denture: This is removable but also secure in the mouth since it is attached to the dental implants
Dental Implants Essex - Al-Fa Perio Clinic
Dental Implants Essex - Al-Fa Perio Clinic
Dental Implants Essex - Al-Fa Perio Clinic

Affordable Dental Implants in Essex: Regain Your Confidence and Smile

Our dental implants in Essex are uniquely designed to provide confident, long-lasting results for patients visiting our London implant clinic. Throughout your consultation and treatment planning, we provide you with any information you need about our dental implant solutions.

We have a highly-trained team of dental specialists that will make sure your mouth is healthy for dental implant treatment.

The Advantages of Dental Implants in Essex

To prevent the negative effects of tooth loss, missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible. Dental implants in Essex provide a great treatment option to minimising most of these negative effects due to their many advantages over other treatments.

Due to the constant innovation within implant technology, this treatment now provides sound long-term solutions to a varying degree of situations. Dental implants have a proven track record and much clinical research supporting their success.

We are able to cater for varying degrees of bone quality, bone heights and width and variable situations including immediate replacement of the extracted teeth. The key to longevity is choosing the most compatible implant system with proven success in any given situation.

Dental Implants Can Change Your Smile

Previously when it came to missing teeth, the most viable option was removable dentures. This was especially true when we did not want to treat the neighbouring teeth with a dental bridge. Nowadays, it is the norm to have a fixed solution such as dental implants to replace missing teeth without the need of compromising any other teeth. Dental implants in Essex also provide the most conservative treatment solution without additional preparation of other teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Essex

Do away with uncomfortable and loose dentures. With dental implants, you no longer have to take the new teeth out to clean or keep the gums healthy. The fixed option of dental implants allows you the ability to eat, chew and speak with greater comfort.

Many implant systems have now come up with innovative surface designs that encourage osseointegration of the bone. This restores the functional ability of the bone and prevents any subsequent loss of bone in the future.

Since dental implants are very similar to natural teeth with part of their component embedded in the bone just like the roots of natural teeth, this treatment tends to build on confidence. People do not psychologically feel like they are missing part of themselves and so dental implants maintain ongoing self-esteem.

Aesthetically patients do not have to go without their front teeth. Losing front teeth and seeing this on a daily basis can be very traumatic to many patients. Thankfully, dental implants now restore confidence immediately if a tooth were to be taken out.

Restore Lost Support for Your Facial Form and Maintain a Stable Bite

When you have lost teeth for some time, the bone that used to support the tooth and the facial form is often lost and ends up giving you an aged appearance. Dental implants in Essex can restore that balance in your facial symmetry.

Since a lost tooth is replaced immediately or very soon after, the patient’s chewing ability is maintained and not affected significantly. When teeth are not replaced immediately or soon after the extraction, there can be numerous cascading events that lead to detrimental effects on the teeth, gums and bone.

Treatment Planning for Dental Implants in Essex

Since there are so many types of implants now available, it is important that we assess your mouth in-depth for suitability. Our periodontists need to make sure that you are medically suitable and that there are no contraindications to treatment.

Our diagnosis reflects in our treatment plans that are uniquely catered for the individual and customised depending on the needs and requirements of the patient.

You need a detailed examination (together with various diagnostics like radiographs) to determine the appropriate levels, quality and quantity of bone that are required for implants. In some instances, you may need bone or gum grafts to facilitate the correct position of the dental implant.

Essex Dental Implant Procedure

From your initial consultation, we begin to understand the type of implant treatment you need. We take the time to make sure we design the ideal implant treatment plan that is unique to you. Continue reading to understand our entire dental implant procedure.

STEP 1: Consultation & Examination

This appointment determines your exact needs and requirements. We start off by having a discussion with you about what is bothering you and what you are trying to achieve. The implant dentist will perform a clinical examination and assessment to evaluate your exact situation.

We look at your entire mouth to assess the biological status of your teeth, gums and bone to make sure we treat any infection. We also look at the structural integrity of your remaining teeth and evaluate the spaces left by the missing teeth and see if they can be restored. Your bite patterns will also need to be studied so that we can end up with a stable and harmonious chewing pattern. If you have cosmetic requirements, especially when the missing teeth are near the front of the mouth, we do a cosmetic analysis to determine the most suitable smile for you.

The dentist will refer you for a CBCT scan and then take general radiographs (X-rays) at our Essex clinic to facilitate his or her diagnosis. A thorough medical history is taken to make sure there are no medical contraindications to the surgery. However, in most cases, as long as your medical condition is stabilised with medication and attention you should be able to have the surgery.

STEP 2: Treatment Planning

This stage involves looking carefully at all the information that has been collected to determine the exact protocols for treatment. The dentist looks at all your viable options and determines the best course of action for you.

If dental implant treatment is indicated, then they will choose the most appropriate implant system that is the most compatible for you and that which will give you the best long-term results.

STEP 3: Dental Implant Placement

You will receive information regarding the preparation you need to carry out before the day of the surgery. Understand our pre-operative advice. On this appointment, the implant is surgically placed in your jaw in the area of the missing teeth according to your opted treatment plan. The dentist does this using the CBCT scan images to direct the exact positioning. The gum will then be sutured up for the integration period.

STEP 4: Integration Period

This is a period where we wait for the bone to integrate with the implant, a process called osseointegration. The length of time we wait depends on which treatment choice is being carried out. Generally, it takes between two to eight months for this process to take place. Thereafter, you will have a review appointment to make sure that you are ready for the restoration.

STEP 5: Restoring the Dental Implant

Once the implant is fully anchored in the bone, the restoration can be placed on top. This can be either a crown, bridge or a denture. The number of appointments in this part depends upon the chosen treatment plan. A crown or bridge can take two appointments, whilst a denture can take several appointments.

STEP 6: Aftercare

It is imperative that you follow a carefully-outlined aftercare protocol once you have your dental implant treatment. This helps to prevent any infections and damage from occurring. Your post-operative aftercare usually consists of regular hygienist appointments and routine examination appointments. You will also be advised on how to best look after your new teeth at home. It is vital that you maintain good oral hygiene to prevent future infections and problems.

The Straumann® Dental Implant System

Our team uses the Straumann® Dental Implant System because of its ground-breaking technologies, high-performance materials, increased efficiency, and immediate implant placement. These features reduce chair time for the patient while meeting their specific needs and requirements.

The dental implant system is for all indications; it has a portfolio of different materials and surfaces for both tissue-level and bone-level implants.

Highlights of his implant system include:

  • Unique Implant Design: The implants are designed for easy insertion and stability with a reduced neck diameter, slim and tapered core and variable thread design.
  • Roxolid®: This is a high-performance alloy composed of approximately 15 per cent zirconium and 85 per cent titanium. It allows for more treatment options through the placement of reduced-diameter implants.
  • SLActive®: This surface treatment offers high predictability and accelerated osseointegration. It can reduce patients’ healing time by 50 per cent.
  • Straumann® VeloDrill™ System: The drill system minimises heat generation and delivers high drilling stability.
  • One Connection for All Implant Sizes: The slim and under-contoured abutment design can offer the expected esthetic outcomes.
  • Guided Surgery Software: The software enables precise planning to achieve predictable results in both simple and advanced surgical cases. It offers several measurement and planning functions, such as nerve canal detection and various distance monitoring functions.


How much do dental implants cost in the UK?

When it comes to the cost of dental implants, it’s first important to note that the fees cover much more than just the implants themselves. When you opt for dental implants with our team of experts, you’re guaranteed a thorough service, with the prices covering everything from your initial consultation to our extensive testing and a fully personalised solution to suit your individual requirements.

  • Although we’re one of the most reputable clinics offering dental implants in Essex, we’re proud to say our prices are very competitive. We believe that nobody should be robbed of their smile, or their confidence, which is why we offer a range of payment options including paying in instalments, as well as finance options at 0%. So, whatever procedure you’re in need of, we have an option to suit all budgets.

    It’s worth noting that our fees are an estimate and that a more accurate quote will be given on an individual basis, depending on your particular needs.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

We appreciate that for many of our patients, getting their smile restored is a matter of urgency, but the truth is there is no simple answer to this question. There are so many factors which can impact how long it takes to get dental implants fitted, and from start to finish the process can look different from one person to the next. Factors which can affect how long it takes include:

  • Any necessary preparatory procedures such as bone grafting
  • How many missing teeth you have
  • Any underlying infections which will need time to clear
  • How long it takes for you to recover (recovery time can differ from one individual to the next)
  • Period of Osseointegration (the process of the bone integrating with the implant)
  • Getting fixed dental implants fitted is certainly not an overnight process, however you will be able to get a clearer idea of timescales after your initial consultation with our team.

Is it possible to replace all of your teeth?

Absolutely! Here at Al-Fa Perio, we offer fixed solutions for individual tooth loss and full tooth loss. In cases where all the teeth are missing (endentulous) we offer our innovative All-on-4 full teeth replacement solution.

This dental implant procedure is minimally invasive, with the ability to rehabilitate a full arch using just four dental implants. And, with specially tilted implant abutments, there is no need for additional bone or gum grafts.

So, whether you are missing a full arch of teeth or need all your teeth removing, our full teeth replacement solution can help, offering an affordable yet effective way to regain confidence.


Al-FaPerio is highly experienced in offering leading dental implant treatments for London and Essex patients. For more information about dental implants in Essex, you can call our implant clinic on 020 8506 0701.

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