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Along with providing a highly qualified team of experts and quality levels of care, Al-FaPerio works to assist patients throughout their dental journey. Our friendly, care-centred environment, based in Essex, successfully handles a comprehensive spectrum of issues experienced by anyone with gum issues.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

There are many aspects we consider for our patients who are trying to overcome dental anxiety and phobia.

We find that our most successful method of overcoming anxiety is understanding all the needs of the patient before embarking upon the treatment journey. We have devised a unique assessment process that allows our patients to feel comfortable while deciding on how to proceed with treatment.

Our process provides more control over how things progress and the patient’s acceptance of their recommended treatment. We will go through all options and viable choices before formulating a customised treatment plan in collaboration with the patient.

Dental Anxiety

Alleviating Anxiety with Lasers

Lasers are particularly useful when treating patients with a certain level of anxiety with any type of dental procedure or surgery. This is especially true when it comes to younger patients or patients that do not like the thought of traditional surgery. Lasers allow us to continue treating various situations comfortably with the added benefit of more control and precision. Due to their minimally invasive nature, the use of lasers has transformed how patients tolerate dentistry and surgical treatments.

Furthermore, lasers are minimally intrusive and damage far less of the surrounding tissues of a tooth when compared with more traditional surgical techniques. There are less associated post-operative symptoms which can be quite appealing to many patients as it offers a more comfortable dentistry experience that is not only painless but also less problematic. Lasers also remove the need for drills, the noise of which is often a trigger for fear and anxiety. A quieter procedure is better accepted, in turn, facilitating better management of anxiety.

We have a varied range of lasers at our disposal, which allows us to provide efficient, comfortable and longer-lasting treatments.

Advanced Technology

At Al-FaPerio, our periodontists understand the need for a better quality of dentistry. We have found that the use of cutting-edge technology enables us to perform to the highest possible standards.

We have invested in advanced innovations that facilitate various aspects of our periodontal treatments. Our team uses multiple technologies in addition to traditional diagnostic and treatment methods to create a higher level of control and predictability over the results.

Care Quality Commission

Periodontal Probe

This technical piece of equipment enables our periodontist team to record pocketing levels of the gums accurately. This allows for greater consistency when the gums require measurement, regardless of which clinician performs the assessment. From here, we are better able to compare the results of each measurement taken between appointments.

Dental Surgical Microscope

The Leica Dental Microscope is a piece of equipment that has been transformational in our clinic. We are significantly impressed with its high-performance optics and quality of vision. The microscope provides us with enhanced visualisation, which allows for accurate diagnostic ability and treatment longevity.

As the only purpose-made dental microscope available with impressive illumination and magnification, its design capabilities render it extremely hygienic, meaning we have effortless infection control. This is due to its joint-less components and AgProtect™ antimicrobial coating.

The benefits of using a dental microscope:

  • We can obtain magnified visualisation, which allows for detailed work to be carried out. This is important when we are looking at tiny structures or fine tissues. The microscope is particularly useful for endodontic (root canal) or periodontal work. Often the tooth looks sound at the macroscopic level, but it seems as if it is a different tooth entirely when seen at the microscopic level.
  • Looking at treatment under a microscope opens up a whole new world of vision, providing us with more accurate information.
  • Seeing the teeth, gums and bones in such a detailed way allows the development of finer neuro-motor skills – providing a more deliberate and precise touch when carrying out the treatment.
  • We can obtain a better quality of treatment at the microscopic level, thus enhancing the longevity of the result.
  • Superior vision allows for enhanced diagnosis. We can identify actual deteriorations and discrepancies that may not be as clear with the naked eye. For example, we can see fracture lines that if left unchecked, can lead to premature failures via propagation or cracking of the tooth.


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