Stages of Periodontal Disease

Each patient at Al-FaPerio experiences the stages of periodontal disease in their own way. Addressing early signs and symptoms can help save your oral health sooner and may help avoid tooth loss. An appointment with our specialist team may help you heal faster from gum disease and reverse any oral health damage it caused.

How Long Can You Keep Your Teeth with Periodontal Disease?

The progression from gingivitis to chronic or aggressive periodontitis can take place quite quickly. Once the gums and bones begin to recede, pockets will begin to form, and if left untreated, will eventually lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease Stages

Depending on the case and the severity, it can differ from patient to patient when they start losing their teeth. That is why our team of expert periodontists recommend that you book an appointment as soon as you notice the signs and symptoms of gingivitis. Non-invasive laser treatment can be used to reverse the effects and restore gum health.

My Teeth Are Wobbly – Can They Be Saved?

Teeth become loose once the tissues and bones in the gum begin to recede. Deep pockets begin to form, and teeth will eventually start to fall out. If you act fast, there is a chance our specialists can save them from extraction or tooth loss. If some teeth are beginning to loosen, we use splinting and splinted bridges to keep them in place. This is crucial in saving time while we work on reversing the gum disease.

To do this, we use our unique treatment; laser gum surgery. This new, innovative technology paired with expert periodontists means we can reverse the effects of periodontal disease and, in many cases, cure it.

Will I Need Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are usually introduced when a tooth cannot be saved, or one has already been lost. One of the most popular misconceptions of periodontal disease is that the chances of successfully fitting dental implants are significantly reduced if the patient has lost their teeth to gum disease.

In other circumstances, this may be correct. But here at Al-FaPerio, we’ve introduced laser gum treatments to the UK and have reversed the effects of gum disease in many cases. We focus on making the mouth healthy again by restoring gum health, which is vital to fit a dental implant successfully. The treatment can fight the severe effects of periodontal disease. It will make your bones strong enough to keep dental implants secure. After this treatment has been completed, Dr Miriam Molins will be able to see if the implant can be fitted.

If you think you have gum disease or you would like to discuss having dental implants, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8506 0701 to arrange your consultation.

How To Replace Teeth Lost Through Gum Disease

Our team knows that losing teeth can be a traumatic event for anybody. Losing teeth to gum disease can often be avoided through the correct periodic treatments.

Replace Missing Teeth

Patients who suffer from advanced gum disease often believe that there is no solution other than tooth extraction or tooth loss. Fortunately, this is one of many misconceptions about gum disease. As leading experts in gum treatments, we have the skillset to restore and reverse the effects of gum disease, no matter the stage.

Take Action Early

Gingivitis is the beginning stages of periodontal disease. Noticeable symptoms are red, swollen gums that are quick to bleed. If you begin to notice these symptoms, it is advised to act quickly.

It will be in these early stages that we will be able to offer cost-effective treatments to reverse the damage and prevent your gum disease from progressing to Chronic Periodontitis. Treatments in this stage include a series of in-depth cleaning sessions, root scaling, and planing.

Reversing Gum Recession

In more chronic or severe periodontitis cases, pockets form and the recession of the gums becomes ignorable. This indicates that the bones are receding. This can cause problems when it comes to fitting dental implants if you have lost teeth to gum disease.

To reverse gum recession, we have a unique service; laser gum treatment which our expert periodontist; Dr Rana Al-Falaki first introduced the treatment to the UK. It is the only existing treatment that encourages the gums to heal faster and reverse the damage caused by periodontal disease.

In many cases where laser gum treatment has been applied, we have been able to treat and eradicate the disease as well as save other surrounding teeth.

Replacing Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

If your gum disease progresses too far, implants can be a possibility. In the most severe cases, our work involves re-building and re-generating the gum and bone first to fill pockets then fitting crowns and implants to adequately replace lost teeth and restore your smile.

For dental implants to be a success, you need to see and be treated by one of our experienced periodontists, who work to re-build your gums and bones with laser gum treatment. After the successful treatment, you are referred to our implants dentist, Dr Ali Daftari. He will identify if dental implants can be fitted. Dr Daftari will guide you regarding the intensity of damage your gum disease caused and the subsequent treatment needed.


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