Patient Information

At Al-FaPerio, we are committed to providing treatments to improve your oral health.

Your gums are vital for maintaining a healthy and stable foundation for your mouth and smile. Our experienced team are here to provide you with further information about periodontal disease and how our treatments can help you.

Your First Visit

Your dentist or hygienist may refer you to us, or you can refer yourself. The first step is to carry out a consultation, during which we assess your dental, medical, and social history, then carry out a comprehensive dental examination with any necessary radiographs.

We then discuss your diagnosis and suggested treatment, as well as long term prognosis. You will receive an estimate of costs along with a follow up clinical report. This process takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Personalised Periodontal Post-Treatment Programs

Post-Treatment Programs Designed to Benefit You

At Al-FaPerio, we take pride in the long-term success of our treatment planning. One aspect that contributes considerably to a stable mouth is our unique customised programs for aftercare once treatment has been carried out.

On completion of treatment, each patient receives a unique program to follow with specific instructions on maintaining and facilitating oral hygiene.

The Post-Treatment Programs includes:

  • A Plan of Action: Instructions on how to take care of your mouth, specifically tailored to you.
  • Nutrition and Diet Advice: This helps prevent damage to teeth as a result of your diet.
  • Preliminary Periodontal Starter Pack: You will receive (and advised on how to use) specific tools that are best to keep any relapse at bay.
  • Regular Hygiene and Specialist Dentist Visits: This enables us to monitor the condition of your gums and mouth very closely. We review you regularly to identify anything that appears abnormal so we can address it quickly before further deterioration. However, with our carefully designed maintenance programs, we are very confident of a high level of success.

If you have any further questions or concerns about our post-treatment programs, contact us on 02085060701.


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