Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Many cosmetic techniques used to improve the smile can be enhanced and facilitated using specific periodontal procedures. These procedures are often multi-fold and are used as an adjunct to restorative treatments.

Available Cosmetic Treatments

At Al-FaPerio, we have a vast armamentarium of techniques, materials and technologies to help us create stunning outcomes. Various technologies, including the use of a surgical microscope and specific periodontal lasers, ensure minimal intrusion to the areas being treated.

This means better post-operative healing and better control of the outcome. The most important aspect is the improvement of the predictability of the treatments we advise. Hence, we carry out our cosmetic periodontal assessment prior to our signature periodontal examination, to create a suitable treatment plan of action. We aim to meet your specific needs and requirements as well as those required by your cosmetic dentist.

Some conditions that affect the cosmetics of a smile can be treated using specific periodontal procedures that include:

Crown Lengthening

This technique is used when the teeth appear short and affect the smile. Often there is an uneven gum line as well. We aim to increase the length of the tooth; however, it requires some surgical work on the bone that surrounds the tooth.

Gummy Smile

The treatment for a gummy smile often depends upon the original cause. However, some great techniques facilitate the better proportioning of the teeth to gum ratio in a smile. These include lip repositioning procedures, crown lengthening techniques, and gingival re-contouring. The severity of the cosmetics needed also affects the treatment choice.

Gingival Recession

This can be very challenging to treat; hence the correct aetiology must be established so that a good preventative program can also run alongside any treatment. Gingival recession can be corrected with connective tissue grafts using tissue from the roof of the mouth or collagen matrices.

Tissue Thinning

Occasionally some people’s smiles are affected by bulky gum tissue which appears as thicker gums. This can be unsightly and often requires techniques to re-shape the architecture of the gums around the teeth in the smile. The tissue is quite mobile, making precise and subtle re-shaping with a scalpel blade challenging. Hence, this is a particular technique where the use of lasers provides better precision, comfort and predictability.


This is often carried out using a range of lasers that facilitates the re-shaping of the gum. The entire architecture and form of the gums and the gum line can be altered to give a better appearance to the smile.

Fibroma Removal

The gums are not the only aspects of a smile that can catch the viewer’s eye. Any lumps or swelling on the lips also tend to be noticeable. Removal of swelling and fibrous lumps using laser have the advantages of comfortable removal, minimal scarring and a precision technique.


These appear as purple swellings in the mouth. They can appear unsightly if visible when smiling. Since this condition carries blood vessels, it can be potentially risky. However, with the use of a diode laser, the removal becomes very clean and with better healing prognosis.


This is the removal of a small fold of tissue under the lips that controls how the lips move. It is often helpful when this tissue impinges on the teeth or smile.

Connective Tissue Graft

This specific type of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and often used to cover roots in cases involving excessive gum recession or in cases involving root exposure.

Root Coverage Procedures

These techniques involve periodontal plastic surgery to enhance the way the gum appears in cases where the teeth have lost the gum coverage and roots are exposed. There are different types of techniques that allow the periodontist to do this correctly. However, the exact protocols are determined by the extent of the lesion(s) that need treatment.


Lasers reduce the amount of pigment in the gum to give the appearance of pinker gums. The treatment is successful where darker pigmented gums are involved.

Ridge Augmentation

Bone grafting is used (especially in cases where a tooth is missing) to pad out with gum, thus improving the nature of soft tissue. It is commonly used in cases involving bridge treatment at the front of the mouth so as not to produce unsightly spaces between the porcelain-work.


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