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It’s very difficult to fix receding gums once they’ve started receding

Once gums have begun receding, it is very difficult to restore them to what they once were. No matter your oral health, gums do naturally recede over time so it is important to keep the rate of gum recession under control.

There are a number of things you can do to slow down the process but medical procedures are needed in order to treat receding gums and encourage growth and regeneration. See laser dentistry treatments.



How to slow down gum recession

You will want to discover early if your gums are receding at a noticeable rate in order to take action to slow down the process. Your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning of your gums to eliminate bacteria which cause the gums to recede.

You should practice good oral health regardless of how much you are affected by gum recession by taking care of your gums and teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, softly and for the correct amount of time. Switching to an electric toothbrush and quitting smoking also helps.

If you have crooked teeth then you may have a misaligned bite. The extra force this type of bite exerts on the gums speeds up gum recession. You should, therefore, consider having the offending teeth straightened or replaced.

Swishing sesame oil in your mouth, drinking green tea and using aloe vera have all been touted as natural remedies that can improve the health of your gums.

These are all things you can do to slow down gum recession but to fully tackle the issue, it is likely you will have to undergo a medical procedure. Meet our team of specialist periodontists.


Procedures to fix receding gums

The earlier you tackle gum recession, the easier it is to reverse its effects. At Al-Faperio, we offer two of our unique laser gum treatments, Gingival Re-Contouring & Gingival Grafting.

The use of lasers ensures gum can be removed with precision and the laser seals gum tissue while the procedure is ongoing, eliminating the risk of infection caused by bleeding.

Gingival Re-contouring is used to alter the form and shape of the gums by removing gum tissue to improve the health and appearance of gums.

On the other hand, Gingival Grafting is used to add more gum tissue to provide your gums and the roots of your teeth with better protection.

Both treatments are non-invasive, painless, have a quick healing process and have the added benefit of improving the look of your teeth, gums and smile as well as improving your oral health.