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What do Tom Cruise, Cheryl Cole, George Clooney, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones have in common?

Yes, they are all celebrities, but there is something else.

They all have terrific smiles. Would you be surprised to know that they all have dental implants too?

We are living in an era where being the best version of yourself is key to having a full happy life and so it is no wonder that these people, constantly in the public eye, are willing to pay to have dental implants.

Let’s face it, they look great too.

Consider for a moment, why dental implants are fast becoming the go-to treatment in 2019.

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What do the polls say?

A poll carried out by the Oral Health Foundation found a correlation between people believing that they have good oral health and feeling confident about themselves. Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation is quoted as saying:

 ‘There is a clear correlation between the health of the mouth and a person’s confidence to show off their smile’. He goes on to say, ‘A healthy mouth plays an incredibly important role in a person’s physical and mental health’.

Another poll suggested that people of all ages were having this restorative dental work done. It states that ‘43 per cent of periodontists polled said half or more of the implants they place are for 55 to 79 years old.

What we know: Ageing will cause the added risk of teeth falling out, which, if left unchecked, will inevitably reduce the gums and eventually have a negative impact on the structure of the face. Dental implants will give you that youthful look that, let’s face it, we all work hard to maintain.

Why wait, time to get on with your best life

So, you have decided to have implants fitted.

There is scarcely enough time in the day to be tangoing with the routines that intrinsically go along with wearing dentures. With dental implants, it’s easy; simply maintain good oral hygiene as you would with natural teeth to avoid any complications.

Checkups will be organized and discussed at your pre-planning appointment, so you can just get on with living your best life.

Let’s help you turn back the clock?

We are best placed to inform you of your choices for restorative treatments, being a multi-award-winning periodontal practice. We use cutting edge equipment, offering high-quality dental implant treatments. It doesn’t end there either. Our after-care plan is key to helping you maintain that perfect smile.

Come and visit us at one of our Essex or London Clinics.

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Our patients have reported a remarkable improvement in the quality of their lives since having dental implants.

Some have felt that years have been taken off too – as if the clock has been reversed.

Let us help you to get that celebrity smile back so that you can concentrate on enjoying life.