Single Missing Tooth Treatment

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The Ideal Treatment for Replacing a Missing Tooth

Dental Implants are an ideal solution when there is only one tooth missing in the mouth. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular as people now understand the impact of missing teeth on the dentition and facial appearance.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The artificial tooth (crown) is simply connected to the implant via a post screw once osseointegration occurs. Aesthetically, you can get a very realistic replacement for your lost tooth. The main advantage of using a dental implant is that it does not need any of the neighbouring teeth for its support of the porcelain crown on top of it (unlike other more traditional treatments such as a dental bridge).

The Advantages of Dental Implants

One of the main benefits of an implant is that it prevents further loss of bone. In fact, the very presence of the implant stimulates and maintains the surrounding bone tissue. This minimises the effects of missing teeth.

This is an ideal treatment, especially for missing front teeth. When single teeth are missing at the front of the mouth, we need to make sure that aesthetically there is no discrepancy between the remaining natural teeth and the new artificial implant tooth. The aim is not to make a single tooth stand out in comparison to the rest of the smile. Due to innovative advancements in the types, shades and colours of porcelains now available, we can do some amazing cosmetic enhancements.

Understanding Our Dental Implant Procedure

To help achieve the correct aesthetics, orientation, position and shape, we often provide a temporary tooth. The new implant tooth is created based upon this trial look. You may require additional procedures such as bone grafting beforehand or gingival grafting post-operatively. These procedures are minimised in areas where a single tooth is missing and more often used when considering multiple missing teeth treatments.


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