Laser Gum Treatment

Al-FaPerio offers the latest UK innovations in periodontal care. Our specialist, Dr Rana Al-Falaki, is the UK Ambassador and Senior Trainer for periodontal lasers. Her treatments have helped improve the oral health of countless London patients. At Al-FaPerio, we are here to offer you laser gum treatment that you can depend on.

Dependable and Long-Lasting Laser Gum Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Al-FaPerio provides effective laser gum treatment that targets elimination and helps prevent gum disease. We use laser gum treatments for periodontal disease because of the range of benefits it has, including protecting and encouraging bone and gum growth.

Dr Rana Al-Falaki is a founder of numerous laser gum techniques that revolve around the conservation of your bones and gums. We believe in creating a strong, healthy oral foundation. Our team of specialists are proud of the results they have achieved.

The benefit of laser gum treatment includes:

  • A minimalistic, discreet gum disease treatment
  • Treatment is designed to be comfortable and pain-free
  • Less gum recession during post-treatment
  • Eliminates infection and promotes bone regeneration
  • Overseen by experienced and talented specialists

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