Laser Bone Regeneration

The laser periodontal therapy utilised at our clinic, known as the Al-Fa Technique, has paved the way forward for bone regeneration.

Our Treatments

Most traditional gum treatments are predominantly centralised around the elimination of bacterial infection. The post-operative result of this type of therapy often depicts gum recession with its associated bone loss. The loss is irreversible and involves much aesthetic oral plastic surgery to correct. Laser surgery, on the other hand, eradicates these types of post-operative sub-standard aesthetic results. Areas treated with lasers eliminate the infection in such a way as to ‘sterilise’ the area being treated. Our periodontists are fully trained in using laser technology. The probability of the infection recurring is minimal compared to manual debridement of the infection using more traditional techniques.

Why Choose Al-FaPerio Clinic?

Dr Rana Al-Falaki has created an innovative technique that enables her to elicit a better than expected bone re-generation result.

She has found that her technique encourages bone cells to re-generate, leading to re-growth of the bone in the treated area. Hence, laser treatments can accommodate both vertical and horizontal bone loss situations.

It is particularly good at treating furcation areas (the space between the roots on the same tooth) exceptionally well. These areas are associated with a combination of both horizontal and vertical deterioration. Furcation areas are often the nemesis of traditional periodontal surgery.


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