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Periodontics is a rapidly expanding field, both in the more established discipline of helping patients retain their teeth for longer, but also in ever more developing avenues, such as crown lengthening, cosmetic and perio-plastic surgery.

The ideas that loose teeth cannot be saved or that nothing can be done about periodontal diseases once it starts, is old hat, and the earlier you refer, the more can be done to raise patient awareness and save teeth! Your patients will thank you for it!

Sometimes, 3-monthly hygiene visits are not enough and specialist advice may be needed to guide you and your patients into achieving periodontal health and stability.We can also offer you advice on more complex restorative treatment planning and we can work together with an integrated approach in planning prosthetic work in a periodontal affected patient.


As you are no doubt aware, patients today are far more informed than they used to be and have higher expectations and make many more demands. One of the commonest questions asked is "why wasn't this detected earlier?" We can assure you that we are sympathetic to this dilemma and that your patients will receive an exellent standard of care. You will constantly be updated on their progress so that they continue to remain very much - your patients.


You can contact the practice on 020 85060701 or e-mail us on to ask for a referral pack which contains referral forms, a price guide, and patient information leaflets to give to your patients when you refer them. Alternatively, you can
download a referral form from this site. You can of course also just phone through or e-mail us a referral by simply providing your patients’ details. Patients can of course also refer themselves.

Once we receive a referral, we will contact your patient (preferably by phone or e-mail), and arrange a suitable appointment for consultation. Following a consultation, you will receive a full clinical report, outlining our findings and suggested treatment, along with a copy of any radiographs that we may take. Your patient will also receive a copy of this along with a written estimate of costs. You will then receive updates of patient progress at appropriate intervals.

When we get to the maintenance phase, we like to work with you and your hygienists as much as possible on this, and will carry out the risk assessments and send back hygienist treatment plans to try to keep some of the work in your own practice. We can carry out training for you and your hygienists on how to carry out supportive periodontal therapy.

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