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Dentist Testimonials

I have been referring my periodontal patients to Rana and have been very impressed with the service and treatment my patients have received. The end results have been better than expected and I would thoroughly recommend her....

In the 10 years I have been referring patients to Rana, she had provided an excellent level of care and professionalism. The patients with persistent perio problems I used to dread seeing have been returned to me with such improvements in periodontal condition that I can now consider advanced work with confidence. Patient feedback has been very positive and I have always found Rana very approachable and a pleasure to speak to. In short, I highly recommend Rana to you for her high level of clinical skills, dependability, and delightful personality.”

Amazing clinical results, caring and professional staff. As a referring dentist I could not be more impressed by the team at Al-FaPerio. I have total confidence that my patients are receiving the very best treatment. They really do perform miracles!

Patient Testimonials

I had been struggling with gum disease for years. I can’t believe the difference and how much better everything felt once I saw RanaI was so worried and nervous that I would lose all my teeth, and she put me at ease and looked after me so well. I am grateful to my dentist for sending me to her..

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. I was cynical and scared and anxious about spending money and possibly not getting the results, but my gums were so bad and teeth were wobbly, the bad breath made me self conscious – I had to give it a go. I had treatment carried out by Dr Al-Falaki. She is so professional, knowledgeable, honest and non-judgemental, all of which increased my confidence in the service. Having had the treatment, my gums are no longer bleeding, my teeth are firmer, and my confidence in talking to people has increased as I don’t have bad breath anymore. The results made the cost worth it, and I would rather have Dr Al-Falaki treat me than any other periodontist. The Laser treatment was an added bonus which I wouldn’t have received elsewhere.

Many thanks Rana. You have saved my front tooth – for 10 years I had gone to The London Hospital and at the end I was told I would eventually lose the front tooth. After coming here, with the laser treatment and cleaning, the tooth is much more stable with new bone growth evident on the X-Rays.”

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at Al-FaPerio. The diagnosis was very clear, very clear treatment plan and the results have been brilliant. Thank you!

I required laser gum surgery on a crowned tooth that had previously needed specialist work. I was terrified when the procedure was first mentioned. The staff at Al-FaPerio explained the whole procedure and after this my fears were totally gone. I undertook the treatment with total confidence and many people say “I never felt a thing”, but it was completely true. The surgery was easier than a normal filling. I had no pain during or after the surgery, and now am well on the road to full recovery and being able to save the tooth. I can only put this down to the team at Al-FaPerio whom I thank greatly!

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